10 reasons i can’t forget:

1. because you carefully liked me

from a distance, quietly, for a long time

2. because we made each other laugh to the point of pain and insanity

for hours until stomachs ached and eyes were blurry

3. because i was totally unequivocally myself

with a kind of authenticity where a secret door had cracked open

4. because the talking was endless & interesting

full of work, love, family, children, friends, drugs, sex, childhood, movies, repeat

5. because the silence was endless & easy


6. because the music was the first thing we ever shared

yours, on a plane

7. because the food was a constant

always shared

8. because the pride for one another

proved we could win at everything

9. because i was being set free

witnessing the beginning of baggage being ripped to shreds



10. Because i don’t want to









iKill u 4 it.

February 25, 2012

10 impressive Apps that make me Want an iPhone:

1. crash a wedding. [channel your dormant Owen Wilson by crashing the nuptials of a couple you’ve never met and probably wouldn’t even like. this app not only gives you wedding times and locations near you, but details about the bride and groom including how they met and where they’re from. you’ll have everything to be a professional crasher right at your fingertips! just remember rule #24 – If you get outed, leave calmly. Do not run. Crash Corsage]

2. food delivery to your gate. [a poll for Los Angelinos: how many times have you been sitting in LAX waiting to board your plane around 9:30pm and had the thought “why the fuck is everything in this airport closed already?!” well, app inventors must have experienced that moment a few times too because this little guy directs you to food places that deliver right to your gate. a pretty brilliant idea. now we just need to get National Security and a ton more airports on board. the world will be a better place. B4 You Board]

3. flirt in any language. [yes, i know there is something weirdly romantic about flirting with someone who you can’t communicate with, but if you do feel like actually getting to know them ~ or at the very least whispering sweet nothings in their beautiful Italian ear ~ this is the app for you. TripLingo]

4. no more hold time. [need to call Best Buy and talk to a customer representative about that warranty they’ll never honor? want to get through to customer service at AT&T but don’t have 9.8 hours to kill? open this app, select the company you want to speak with, and go do your hair or something. the customer service department will call you. ha. so there. Fast Customer]

5. music for any mood. [sometimes i like things that make me feel extremely lazy. this app categorizes all of your music by mood profile so whatever you “feel” like listening to should theoretically be on that playlist. select the mood you feel you are in at the moment and press play. bam. done. MoodAgent]

6. the evolution of breaking up. [curious as to why that lovely lady went out with you, acted like she had a fantastic time on your date, and has strategically ignored all text messages since? well now you might be able to find out why with an app that actually helps people learn from their breakups. Wot Went Wrong contacts the person who stopped seeing you and asks them for feedback about…well…”what went wrong.” personally, i can’t decide if this seems stalkerish or genius, but it’s definitely one or the other and both are fascinating. Wot Went Wrong]

7. animate your own photos. [you know those fun little animated .gif photos of a baby dancing or a tv character like Urkel making a funny face that your mom sends you in an email? well now it’s time to make your own. if anyone actually does this and thinks theirs is hilarious i want to see it. never be afraid to share. Cinemagram]

8. avoidance of The Hangover part XVI. [i am certainly not condoning behavior that warrants questioning what the hell happened last night…but hey, i think it’s happened to the best of us at one point or another. and wouldn’t it have been awesome if we could have had a map showing us every place we went so we didn’t feel shamefully in the dark the next day? now if they add a few literal “snapshots” of the evening then i could honestly say this will be my favorite one. Last Night]

9. location based dating. [forget the internet ~ be a truly spontaneous dater ~ or more accurately, instantaneous. you walk past a bookstore and see an interesting reading going on inside. want to pop in and take part? now you can use your phone to see if anyone in your neighborhood wants to join you. i am sure this kind of app lends itself to hookups a lot more than meaningful relationships, but you never know. your soulmate might be standing right behind you in line for that bagel. Blendr]

10. the app to make sure you don’t lose any of the apps. [it’s a case for your iPhone but it’s more like a hound dog wearing a Superman cape. this go-go-gadget item tracks where your phone is at all times, even when the phone itself is dead. it also comes with little tags that you can put on anything you tend to lose. now open the app and take a look at a nifty digital map showing you how many feet away and in what direction the tagged items are. oh and if the phone itself gets lost, the tags will beep at you until you find it. yeah this is some crazy-ass Minority Report shit. check it: Bikn]