and tell.

August 13, 2014


10 things about kissing:

1. squeeze. [the tightest hug possible as your arms wrap around me and the air rushes out of me and my ribs expand grasping for room but are hesitant with the fear of cracking. the tightest fullest hug.]

2. skin. [fingers crawling up my back, gentle and soft and tentative, my skin feeling your mouth, my palms full of hair and soft ears and the skin is so hard to distinguish, boy from girl, man from woman, skin from skin.]

3. moments in between. [when you realize there’s nowhere to be no one to be sounds outside that remind you of your bubble while you catch your breath for just one second and your heart races for the break to end.]

4. Q&A. [the secret silent questioning, searching, seeking for what it is you like and i like and what we could discover we like together. ah! you like biting the lower lip. i’ll do that. ah! you like a push and pull. i’ll do that.]

5. breath. [the moments when your lips are just far enough apart that they can still feel each other’s shadow, but the breath remains intertwined and you inhale and he exhales and you find a beautiful pattern here before diving back into contact.]

6. body parts. [how every part of our face is involved in the whole process – not just lips and hair and hands – but noses and eyelashes and freckles. fingers touching faces, breath touching breath, ears being whispered. and eskimo kisses.]

7. improv. [the ease of listening. the best kind of improv. completely present, listening, feeling energy, willing to wait and ready to go and always, always saying yes.]

8. roller-coaster. [your brain on a train, speeding over hills of connection and intensity, barreling down deep into valleys of quiet and peace, up down up down, joy, thinking, silence, laugh.]

9. scents. [is that him or me or soap or rain or sweet sweat or a faint touch of something like wine or a flower or a cigarette? the intoxicating scents of skin and energy and the day past.]

10. the dance. [the way it flows like a perfect rhythmic heartbeat, from one moment into another. now we are kissing, now we are complimenting, now we are hugging, now we are giggling, now we are kissing, now we just are.]

Making Out

August 9, 2011

10 Things Not to Eat When You Plan on Making Out:

1. garlic fries from Gordon Biersch. [sold either at Dodger’s Stadium or at the Gordon Biersch itself. same effect.]

2. baby back ribs from Pace. [those babies love an after party in your teeth]

3. veal brains from Animal. [do i need to explain this?]

4. any menu item from The Hungry Cat. [i love seafood but we’re talking about making out for god’s sake]

5. pork belly from Providence. [whole grain mustard sauce isn’t a joke]

6. animal style fries at In-N-Out. [it’s In-N-Out but really? that cheese takes 8 days to digest]

7. spicy pork burrito from the Kogi truck [spicy!!]

8. bayley hazen vermont cheese from AOC. [ha. kissing after blue cheese.]

9. jar of chicken liver mousse from Westside Tavern. [i tried this and it was okay, but i think we both snuck some gum]

10. aloo gobi from Jaipur Cuisine of India. [all indian food should be avoided. i just picked this dish because it’s my favorite]