moving on up and down.

August 17, 2012

5 things that truly suck about moving:

1. reality check. [that moment when you’re falling asleep at your desk from searching online and suddenly sit back and sigh. you’ve never had such a distinct view of how much money you make and how incongruent that is to where you’d really love to live.]

2. the reasoning. [the decision process of the “where” can be funny. it’s become the most indecisive thing in my life lately. should i pick a neighborhood based on friends, work, dating, money, weather…or simply go with a street where i’m 94% sure i won’t get shot?]

3. thinking. [thinking about packing, thinking about what i need and don’t need, thinking about the timing of it all, thinking about which sites to use and pay for and how much to just drive around and see what i find that way, thinking about how much to think about it all. exhaustion. i’d rather just hang my bed from a tree and call it a day.]

4. work with no pay. [it’s a full time job looking for a new home. i’m aware that if i really want to find the perfect place i’d better be searching every day, several times per day using multiple search avenues. i have a full time job that often exceeds 40 hours a week. i want my finding-a-new-home-that’s-taking-up-all-of-my-time-and-sanity stipend.]

5. the empty bank account. [between the movers and the first & last down (or downpayment if you’re actually buying something which most likely means you don’t live in LA) and the new piece of furniture that you just had to have because you have a new nook that looks way too empty and the new cable setup fees and the huge grocery store trip that was necessary to fill your empty fridge…poor little bank account is crying out for help but nobody’s home.]

5 things that are truly awesome about moving:

1. clean slate. [i lovingly anticipate the purge that happens with every move. that day i decide to go through my drawers and throw out garbage bags full of clothes i never wear and dishes that have a crack and paperwork i’ll never need because i know in my heart i’ll never get audited. moving is the one and only time i become the minimalist i truly long to be.]

2. clean slate part deux. [a new home is perfectly spotless. there’s no cat hair floating around, no stains on anything yet. new windows, new paint, new locks, new neighbors, new address, new possibilities…new life.]

3. exploring. [there is this great month or two right after moving where walking around your new neighborhood seems like Disneyland. when every bar might be your next favorite dive. when every park is a new place to workout or have a picnic. when every neighbor might be the newest addition to your L.A. family. my advice: buy a beach cruiser and make your next exploration even cooler.]

4. housewarming. [everybody loves a good party but there’s nothing like the housewarming kind. your friends drool over that spotless granite kitchen countertop while you play the role of host and use your new bar to pretend you’re in an episode of Mad Men. this is simply what you always do on a Saturday afternoon. cocktails flow, people compliment, and pride abounds.]

5. things find their place. [i’m smiling just thinking about the process of looking around an empty home and picturing where everything will go that will make me the happiest. feng shui books get opened for the first time in years and there’s great joy in moving that furniture around and around until i’m absolutely positive that everything, including me, has found its perfect place.]