it’s time for my final post featuring photographers that i love and this time it’s my good friend Sonia. the thing i admire most about the Son-Ster is the way she reveals the heart and soul of a person. the warmth & depth, sorrow & wisdom, pride & laughter of the people in Sonia’s photographs amazes me every time. i also finally figured out how to do this as a slideshow so hopefully you’ll all find this a bit easier. enjoy.

10 soulful pictures of people by Sonia:

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i have started many lists, but as of late my brain keeps coming back to what can be captured through a lens. therefore, i am officially making June photography month!

a lady i know has always captivated me with her camera. her pictures move me to notice the small things in life and act as reminders that there is beauty in just about everything. enjoy.

10 hypnotizing displays of minutia by Sarine:


June 8, 2012

so, i have a friend who takes pretty amazing photographs.  there is a haunting quality about a lot of his images that captures the feel of Los Angeles as well as the art & music scene here. obviously, his work strikes a chord with me so i have not only added him to my Blog Roll [at the bottom of each page] but i have decided to feature him in a post.  enjoy.

10 intriguing photos by akirophoto.



a spark.

June 6, 2012

10 examples of lovely chemistry:

1. The first look. [a glance as you get up to let them pass through your row at the movies. a locked stare that lasts 2 seconds but feels like an eternity in line at your favorite coffee shop. you catch your breath and realize you were holding it for much longer than that first look lasted.]

2. The authority figure. [that personal trainer who you love to complain about but secretly can’t wait to impress with your newfound feats of strength. the tutor that seemed a bit nerdy at first until you realized she was going to save your ass in Statistics. all signs point to: please just tell me what to do.]

3. The first laugh. [the giggle that turns into a belly laugh where you hear their own personal raw sound of joy for the very first time. the second you realize someone else thinks something completely un-pc and just plain wrong can also be hilarious. the momentary thought that you may shoot water out of your nose or start crying and look ridiculous. the instant you don’t give a shit if you do.]

4. The presence felt across a room. [in the midst of a fabulous party, Romeo & Juliet begin to dance. the imagined first time Lloyd Dobler saw Diane Court from across a high school classroom. sometimes, even with people and music and traffic and general mayhem happening in the foreground, someone in the background comes into shining focus.]

5. The common bond. [the dainty girl you sit next to on the train everyday who randomly tells you she’s obsessed with hockey. the delivery guy who overhears you listening to The xx at your desk and mentions 2 similar bands he thinks you might enjoy. i am currently, as we speak, waiting to meet a man who loves Girls and wants to have an entire conversation about it over dinner. it’ll happen.]

6. The shift. [a friend you’ve had for years who’s always been there whenever you really need them. your mom’s best friend’s daughter who you see once every four family gatherings. the neighbor you went to elementary and middle and high school with who never seems to go away. they’re one way forever and then…you cock your head and take another look.]

7. The situational touch. [oops, my arm just brushed yours reaching for the salt. oops, we almost collided going around the same corner and you grabbed my arm to steady me. oops, i sat on your lap to show you something on the computer and that was probably a little much.]

8. The comfortable silence. [sitting side by side in a car with no need to reach for the radio. the satiated smiles across the dinner table where the plates and glasses are empty. that late-night walk where the crickets are making more noise than the two of you.]

9. The save. [in college a classmate pushed my friend down to the ground and covered her with his body as a NYC pothole cover exploded and came hurtling towards them. friends one minute, lovers the next. i don’t need any other examples for this one.]

10. The i have no freaking idea why. [and sometimes…every once in a blue moon, seemingly out of nowhere there’s a tension, a feeling, a mysterious and intangible draw. no answer, no reasoning, no ideas about where it came from…and you’d be the last person to care. all you can do is enjoy the spark.]