color me nostalgic.

May 24, 2012

10 Colors and what they Remind me of:

1. metallic black. [i have many movie obsessions but only one that’s remained consistent and a total enigma: Batman. i don’t love comic books, i know many of these movies were terrible, and yet, i find a compulsion to see every one of these in the movie theater opening night. thank God Nolan is in charge lately.]

2. dirty white. [pussy willows and New York snow. pussy willows were my grandmother’s favorite plant and adorned every table at my long lost wedding. New York snow is…well, it’s own species of snow. a mixture of grime and black street soot that reminds me of my college days and is something i strangely miss.]

3. natural wood. [i don’t recall what type of natural wood it was, but the first house i ever lived in was this color. very 70’s, very eclectic, very modern for its day, very cool.]

4. lilac. [nostalgia might be a touch much for this one, but a memory for sure. lilac reminds me of the shiniest pastel dress ever created; my “Azalea Belle” dress worn during the annual Azalea Festival in NC. white gloves, white parasols, shimmery lilac hoop dresses. it was my own personal nightmare that still makes me giggle.]

5. rusty brown. [the summer i spent working and living on Martha’s Vineyard is filled with drug & alcohol induced memories. however, one that’s clear and brightly sober is the vision of the cliffs of Gay Head. at dusk they turned a reddish brown that makes you think of the most beautiful sunset, baked directly into red clay. i miss morning bike rides to those majestic red cliffs where i could sit and write bad 20 year-old poetry all day long.]

6. molten silver. [solder. i wanted to be a tomboy but i had natural reservations about jumping and climbing and possibly breaking bones. instead, my father let me work with him in his speaker-making shop most afternoons and i learned to solder like no other girl can.]

7. cobalt blue. [my best friend from high school decided that was her favorite color as a kid. she proceeded to receive every gift for every occasion from every person she’s ever met in the form of this color glass. i lived with her and her massive amounts of cobalt blue chachkies in Brooklyn circa 1998. lesson: be careful what you wish for.]

8. gold. [the Eiffel Tower shimmers and glows. you can be the most depressed, bitter person alive but standing in front of that tower of gold in Paris will make you love anything ~ even yourself ~ for a moment.]

9. Carolina blue. [never a true North Carolinian, growing up i rebelled against the waves of people surrounding me that HAD to love basketball and Carolina blue anything. but i did have an interest in an attempt to be popular. hence a very cute ~ and kind of slutty now that i think about it ~ cheerleading outfit with Carolina blue pom-poms on both shoes. i hold the school record for being the only unpopular cheerleader and i challenge all future Hoggard girls to try and break it.]

10. turquoise. [when you walk along the humid beach of Playa de Aro in Spain, stop at a vendor, pop a couple of fresh fried empanadas into your mouth, and take in the turquoise waters and the life of it all. only the Spanish know how to stay up all night, play all day, and eat like there’s no tomorrow.]

a drop in the pail.

May 9, 2012

10 things i Hope to do before the age of 40:

1. eat a 10 course meal at French Laundry.

2. scream in a hot air balloon ride.

3. live on a boat for a couple of weeks.

4. write something to completion and film it.

5. cheer at the Super Bowl ~ live.

6. explore the setting that made me passionate about movie-making; Kenya.

7. purchase a vacation home in Taos.

8. drink and dance at Mardi Gras.

9. play a round at St. Andrews or Augusta.

10. work on-set 50% or more of my time.

a tweet & a smile.

May 4, 2012

10 people on Twitter that fill my life with laughter:

[plus 2 examples each to give you a good idea why]


1. Jordan Morris. [@Jordan_Morris]

I can’t decide if I want to spend the day trying to re-connect with my dad or learning more about DigGorno Dipping Strips on Facebook.

Apparently not everyone likes hearing you had a sex dream about them. I guess they’d rather finish taking pictures with kids at Disneyland.

2. Jocelyn Plums. [@FilthyRichmond]

I never read to my kids or help them with homework so they’ll be better prepared to live in a world full of dumb fucks.

Walmart keeps two elderly people on staff at all times: one to greet you, and one to walk slowly in front of you on the way out.

3. Gary Janetti. [@GaryJanetti]

“EVERYBODY was there and Jesus looked amazing, but the best part… I met somebody!!”  ~Jesus’ gay friend

If you are beautiful on the inside I get so frustrated because I can’t see that.

4. Tim Siedell. [@badbanana]

My chair made a weird noise when I scooted away from the table and now I’ve been booked as the musical guest on SNL.

Wonder how many novels Stephen King wrote this morning.

5. Matthew Baldwin. [@matthewbaldwin]

I like my women like I like my attention deficit disorder is getting worse I think. [credit to Dooce ~ thanks!]

Uggh, last night is a blur of drinking and smoking and sex. I need to settle down–three Mad Men episodes in a row is just too many.

6. Mike Drucker. [@MikeDrucker]

As she sat down, the lady on the plane next to me gave a disappointed sigh. Haha, I’m not handsome and I’m 100% going to fall asleep on you.

After the Titanic sank, rich people got their revenge by spending the last hundred years melting all the icebergs.

7. Lauren Ashley Bishop. [@sbellelauren]

so tired i’m just gonna put everything in the same bowl & eat it together this morning omelet meet vodka

at subway i always say give me a 6 inch IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN yeah that face you’re making that’s the one they always make too

8. Zackary Ross. [@Zackblows]

Just spilled sushi & Starbucks all over my Jetta & now my car reeks of being Caucasian.

It’s really hard seeing your ex with someone else & knowing you’re gonna have to find a way down from that tree before they catch you spying.

9. Kelly Moranis. [@MmeSurly]

Steve Martin invented parkour in the movie Roxanne.

“Oh, you ate the whole thing?” he asked, incredulous, as every chance he had at getting laid tonight fluttered out the open window.

10. Avery Edison. [@aedison]

It’s gonna be so weird when I tell my kids about selecting CDs by hand and they’ll be like “what’s a hand”?

How many scleroses did the scientists count before they were like “fuck it, let’s just go with ‘multiple’?