blog interrupted.

December 12, 2011

5 Reasons to take a Short hiatus from Blogging:

1. you went snowboarding at the age of 34 and 3/4. [yeah, it felt like things were breaking all over the place. i finally said to my snowboarding instructor “just don’t let me break my uterus cause i still might want to have kids.” that about sums it up.]

2. you always get sick in December. [i don’t smoke cigarettes anymore and this created a delusion in my mind that i would never get a winter cold ever again. i can hear little viruses all over the world laughing maniacally right now.]

3. the holidays are here and you feel anxious & distracted already. [all i seem to have time for lately is trying to find a way to sit that doesn’t make my tailbone hurt worse ~ snowboarding reference again ~ and buying gifts and getting ready for 9 days of travel. a blog? uh, yeah, we’ll see.]

4. a short fim in your own house. [what do you get when you put cameras, lights, actors, a film crew, and 2 annoying cats in my house? no time to write anything, that’s what.]

5. the colder it gets, the couch & fireplace are more inviting than the desk. [as of late a latte, a sweater and some books on a comfy couch call my name every evening after work. it’s chilly sitting at my desk and i just can’t seem to bring myself to do so for more than a few minutes.]

5 Reasons to come back to Blogging after said Hiatus:

1. you went snowboarding at the age of 35 minus 1/4. [i went snowboarding and am still having aches and pains as if i am 70 years old – or at least someone who doesn’t ever exercise. what better to do when you are stuck at home a little more often than normal? type, type, type, type, type.]

2. a short film in your house just wrapped. [nothing makes me feel more creative and alive than being on a set. even if it’s my own home and doesn’t feel quite like a set. back to blogging and it’s lovely.]

3. the holidays are here and you need to vent already. [i am bleeding money and annoyed with traffic and completely overwhelmed with clients contacting me at the last minute to wrap up their year and totally not ready to go out of town for 9 days and already dreading the possibility of a disappointing NYE. oy indeed…but that already made me feel better.]

4. you always get sick in December. [i quit smoking and got one of the worst colds ever. god, what the hell? if this cough doesn’t go away soon i am going to strap myself to this desk with chicken noodle soup and orange juice and write until my eyes go cross-eyed.]

5. the colder it gets, the more i realize i could move my laptop to the couch. [a hot cup of cocoa, a sweater and a laptop on my knees on my couch doesn’t seem like a bad way to complete a day. that reminds me ~ i need to pick up some more firewood. but don’t worry. i’ll be back.]